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Re: Current SSD setup recommendations for laptop with Debian

On Wed, Jul 04, 2012 at 01:03:34AM -0500, Stan Hoeppner wrote:
> People often need to be presented with a healthy dose of realism--what
> you call "harsh".

> Once the OP asked about "alignment" I knew he needed a dose...

I don't need a "dose", thank you. All my questions are valid and you did
a piss poor job of answering them. I did what was required before I posted to the
list: I Googled for 2 days; found a lot of conflicting information; found
information that might be outdated considering the changes in SSD flash and

I'm not a tweaker; I need to get work done on my laptop. Also, I need the
drive to perform reliably for as long as possible. My data is important to me
and I try to use my computer hardware for as long as possible --not
subscribing to the idea of disposable consumerism that is prevalent today.

> Again, at the end of the day, the OP in this thread will notice ZERO
> performance difference whether he wastes his time on things like erase
> block alignment and TRIM, which is another can of worms.  Real time TRIM
> or batch TRIM?  The XFS devs recommend batch TRIM with a cron job,
> because real time TRIM kills performance, with the current Linux
> implementation of real time TRIM support.  So we've come full circle.

>From what I Googled: 

TRIM support is included in the latest kernels and
hdparm utility. Are you telling me that the kernel kernel devs included 
useless code that I should not bother with?

"Alignment" was mentioned in several "Debian" websites including the SSD
wiki. It was valid for me to ask.

> Camp #1 or camp #2?
> My original "harsh" response got the point across with about 1000 less
> characters.  Replace harsh with "direct" or "no bullshit".

Stan, you gave me rant because you assumed my computer case has lots of blue
LEDs. You can try again or just don't bother.


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