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Re: changing the font size in Xdialog

On Tue, 3 Jul 2012, Camale?n wrote:

Could it be because the kind of widget you are using (--msgbox) does not
allow the font property to be changed? I would try with the exact example
used in the FAQ.

  I actually tried with --textbox, and the rc-file given in the example:

  Xdialog --rc-file fixed-font.rc  --textbox file 0 0

  That doesn't work, and after that, I discovered that the font name in the
  rc-file is not used, i.e. if you put  a wrong font name, you get
  no error message.

  idem if you give a non existing rc file.  Now, doing more tests, I
  discovered that the following command is accepted: without any error
  message: !!!

    Xdialog --anything  --msgbox "xdialog  test"  0 0
  idem with
    Xdialog anything bla_bla  --msgbox "xdialog  test"  0 0

   That seems really crazy!

do you have the same behaviour?

Xdialog --version
Version: 2.3.1

Pierre Frenkiel

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