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Re: Backports on Squeeze

On 07/01/2012 05:15 PM, Mark Panen wrote:
Is it safe to have backports enabled on a stable Squeeze 6.05 system?

I had Backports enabled on my Squeeze desktop system for quite some time. I'd say only use Backports if you need it.

In my case, I had audio problems with the 2.6.32 kernel that were solved in >2.6.35, so I used the kernels from Backports and did very well with them. I also got LibreOffice from there, as Squeeze offers OpenOffice.

The version of Icedove in Backports is still too old to be useful. For Icedove and Iceweasel, I recommend the Debian Mozilla APT archive: http://mozilla.debian.net/

Other than kernels and LibreOffice, I don't think I was using very much from Backports, though it is a great resource if you want to keep a Stable system but have use for what's in the archive at any given time. It was very nice, in particular to be able to make an early transition to LibreOffice.

I did disable Backports, plus the Debian Mozilla team APT Archive AND Debian Multimedia, when I did my in-place Squeeze-to-Wheezy upgrade. I might need them in the future, but for now Wheezy is complete as far as my needs are concerned.

Still, I do recommend Backports for Stable systems.

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