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Re: changing the font size in Xdialog

On Tue, 03 Jul 2012 20:51:37 +0200, Pierre Frenkiel wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Jul 2012, Camale?n wrote:
>> Could it be because the kind of widget you are using (--msgbox) does
>> not allow the font property to be changed? I would try with the exact
>> example used in the FAQ.
>    I actually tried with --textbox, and the rc-file given in the
>    example:
>    Xdialog --rc-file fixed-font.rc  --textbox file 0 0
>    That doesn't work, 

How bad :-(

Then it can be something worth to report to the Xdialog developer... 
ouch, hold on:


Remarks regarding some distributions quirks:

- Recent Debian distributions seem to have utterly broken fonts for GTK+ 
v1.2. Please, do NOT report bugs dealing with weird/badly looking fonts 
under Debian: this is NOT an Xdialog bug but rather deals with how 
screwed up is Debian's fonts system.

- Still about Debian: given how rigid is the (IMHO stupid) Debian policy 
about packaging, and how stubborn are the Debian maintainers, I do NOT 
and will NEVER support any Debian-related problem. If you are using a 
Debian (or a Debian-based) distribution and think you found a bug, 
please, first recompile Xdialog from the sources available on this site 
before concluding it's a bug in the genuine Xdialog. I will NOT bother 
with investigating bugs introduced with Debian's private patches which 
are unapproved by me.

Wow... not a Debian lover here :-P

I'm afraid you are on your own unless you are using the upstream sources 
and still can reproduce the error.

> and after that, I discovered that the font name in
>    the rc-file is not used, i.e. if you put  a wrong font name, you get
>    no error message.
>    idem if you give a non existing rc file.  Now, doing more tests, I
>    discovered that the following command is accepted: without any error
>    message: !!!
>      Xdialog --anything  --msgbox "xdialog  test"  0 0
>    idem with
>      Xdialog anything bla_bla  --msgbox "xdialog  test"  0 0
>     That seems really crazy!

Yes, that behaviour is a bit of nonsense.

> do you have the same behaviour?
> Xdialog --version
> Version: 2.3.1

You must be still on Lenny, right?

I use "zenity" (to drawn small GTK GUI dialogs) and "dialog" for ncurses, 
I'm not using Xdialog which BTW, looks like it has been removed from 
Debian repositories.



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