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Re: e1000, only 2 of 4 expected ports available

On Sun, 01 Jul 2012 23:23:35 -0700, Scott Edwards wrote:

(please, don't cross-post or at least warn the users about it...)

> I have a Dell poweredge 850 server with a quad port intel gigabit
> ethernet pci-x card, but I'm only getting 2 of the 4 expected ports
> listed. 

You mean you get only 2 of the 4 ports for both cards, right?

> The external usb drive used to boot this hasn't deleted the 'auto eth 
> renumbering', so ports for eth0 start at eth11 - eth14.

You can re-do the udev rules for the network interface so it starts by 
eth0 and so on.

> More diagnostics here:
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sLivuXo_LizOOzPaTQyyofZ_d5QKDUD9F176b4trREU/edit
> I haven't seen anything suspect in dmesg.

Me neither, it seems the 4 NICs are properly detected.

Things I would check:

1/ BIOS (to verify the embedded NICS are not making noise)
2/ Kernel (test with a LiveCD featuring one of the latest kernels available)
3/ "dmesg | grep -i eth" (for possible driver errors)



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