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Re: PS2 Keyboard not working after latest update

On 2012-07-01, James Allsopp <jamesaallsopp@googlemail.com> wrote:
> The keyboard hardware is working as I can use it in grub but as soon as
> I get to GDM the keyboard does not respond. Even if I kill GDM via ssh,
> the keyboard doesn't respond on the terminal.

I once had problem similar to this where I had inadvertently turned on
(while playing bzflag) some keyboard feature that I didn't want or need
(accessbility?).  I forget exactly what it was, but I could no longer
log in with GDM.  I could kill gdm, however, (at the console, after
logging in at the console), startx, and get into gnome, and that's how I
fixed what I had inadvertently broken (in gnome).

This doesn't sound exactly like your problem, though, because when you kill gdm,
your keyboard doesn't work at the console anymore, if I'm understanding

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