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Re: how to increase through put of LAN to 1GB

On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Stan Hoeppner <stan@hardwarefreak.com> wrote:
> On 6/21/2012 3:05 AM, Muhammad Yousuf Khan wrote:
>> i am using Debian with below specs
>> 1 GB RAM
>>  Xeon 2.8
>> 2 TB SATA x2 (RAID 1)
>> i learn that my LAN throughput is like 200 to 300 Mbps which is quite
>> enough for me for now. but i am planning ahead to use ISCSI for
>> virtualization to provide HA, therefore i need my Giga LAN to reach
>> the 1000 Mbps throughput.
>> so i need to know. what could be done to achieve this ?
> That Xeon 2.8 is apparently a 130nm NetBurst CPU, likely 8 years old,
> which makes the mobo and system chipset 8 years old.  This is a limiting
> factor, but probably not _the_ limiting factor, in GbE throughput.
> More important is what ethernet ASIC you're using.  Realtek and Marvell
> ASICs will never hit close to wire speed.  That's just a fact.  Intel
> ASICs can easily.  Probably Broadcomm as well.
> Also, to achieve wire speed you'll likely need a large MTU, often called
> a "jumbo frame".  All devices on a subnet must have the same size MTU,
> so this is only an option if you can match the MTU across them all.  And
> all switches on the subnet must also support jumbo frames.  Last, the
> router for the subnet must support jumbo frames on the interface
> connected to the jumbo segment.  If not you'll not be able to reach the
> public internet.

Yes i am aware of the jumbo frame and played a bit with it in
openfiler thanks for reminding me that btw are you getting 600Mbps
with Jumbo frame?

> Regarding Samba, you'll never reach wire speed with it, ~80-85% seems to
> be the limit.  FTP should get really close, 90-95%.  iperf and other
> test utilities should reach 95+% with good NICs.
> Before we can give you additional advice/pointers, we need to know what
> ethernet ASIC (NIC) is in the workstation, and also in the Windows
> machine you're communicating with.  If either is a Realtek or other low
> end ASIC you won't reach more than 600-700Mb/s or so.  iSCSI performance
> should be within a few percent of the iperf rate with good NICs.
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> Stan
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