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Re: Random display freezes [was: Less responsive input...blind-typing]

* John Magolske <listmail@b79.net> [120601 19:09]:
> * John Magolske <listmail@b79.net> [120525 17:13]:
> > For a while now I've been experiencing a strange behavior where there
> > are frequent and regular "freezes" when typing or issuing commands
> > in the shell. All of a sudden I'll find myself "blind-typing" for 3
> > seconds or so before a backlog of characters burst onto the screen.
> [...]
> I have laptop-mode enabled...maybe try messing around with the
> settings in laptop-mode.conf next?

I edited /etc/laptop-mode/laptop-mode.conf and changed this line [1] :


to this:


Now I'm not seeing the freezing behavior while running on battery.
Well, not as much...maybe once per half hour, which is a lot better
that the once or twice a minute I was seeing before at its worst.
Will have to wait and see if it's really a result of this change, or
just a random fluctuation in an as-yet unexplained behavior. At some
point I'll change the BATT_HD_POWERMGMT value back to 1 and see if the
freezing behavior returns. For now I'm enjoying being able to actually
type in a fluid manner while away from AC power.

I suppose battery life will take a hit...guess the tradeoff here is a
stuttering user-interface vs. battery life. Sooner or later I'll have
to swap the hard disk with an SSD, hopefully that'll lay the issue
to rest. But I'm left wondering, am I the only one experiencing this
behavior, or is it a known problem that nobody has a solution to?

[1] As per laptop-mode.conf(8), this specifies the power management
level for the hard drive, values for this option corresponding to
those of `hdparm -B` ... hdparm(8) says:

    A low value means aggressive power management and a high value
    means better performance. Possible settings range from values
    1 through 127 (which permit spin-down), and values 128 through
    254 (which do not permit spin-down). The highest degree of power
    management is attained with a setting of 1, and the highest I/O
    performance with a setting of 254. A value of 255 tells hdparm to
    disable Advanced Power Management altogether on the drive



John Magolske

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