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Re: Fire and Thunder

On 12/06/12 11:41, Steve Dowe wrote:
> On 12/06/12 10:54, 张启德(Zhang Qide) wrote:
>> See http://mozilla.debian.net/
> From memory, the Ice* packages tended to throw up incompatibilities with
> Mozilla add-ons, e.g. those designed to be installed in "Firefox" rather than
> "Iceweasel".
> Are there no incompatibilities in your experience, or do you not use any add-ons?
> Thanks,

I'm using Iceweasel 10.0.5 and Icedove 10.0.4 on Debian testing, libc 2.13-33,
kernel 3.2.0-2-amd64.

Iceweasel has FoxyProxy, some search add-ons and a custom theme, all found from
the built in add-on search'n'install thingy.  Also got flashplugin-nonfree
installed version 1:2.8.4 works fine.

Icedove has Enigmail GnuPG add-on ok, but a theme I downloaded makes it crash
so I'm using the default theme.

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