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Re: Face in Icedove

On 09.06.2012 20:04, Camaleón wrote:
> On Sat, 09 Jun 2012 19:55:16 +0300, Mika Suomalainen wrote:
>> On 09.06.2012 19:44, Camaleón wrote:
>>>>> Errr... have you considered disabling "Display Mail User Agent"?
>>>> I just tried that and nothing happened, it still looks like same mess.
>>> I don't see any "mess" but an icon showing the sender's e-mail client
>>> which is problably coming from one of your addons, disable all of them
>>> (keep Enigmail, juts in case) and retry.
>> It seems that nothing happened, same mess. I refuse to disable Enigmail
>> anyway, so no need to suggest it :).
> I suggested just because... well, to avoid you have to reconfigure it 
> again. Not sure it disabling will cause such a thing.
>>> Don't forget to restart the MUA after turning off the addons!
>> Done and Icedove asks for restart after unloading extension.
> Yes, I know but well, who knows... there are users that don't like 
> following instructions :-)
> Anyway, this does not sound normal.
> Create a new user in your system, login with it and start Icedove. This 
> smells like a borked profile problem. If Icedove renders the headers as 
> it should, back to your current user, remove "CompactHeader", "Display 
> Contact Photo" and "Display Mail User Agent" addons. Restart the MUA.
> Greetings,

I am on too limited time nowadays to do that, but I will try it sometime
when I can.

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