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Re: wpa_supplicant.wlan1.pid

 On Sat, 9 Jun 2012 18:28:52 +1200 "Chris Bannister
 cbannister@slingshot.co.nz" suggested this:

>It's a wheezy [testing] system and aptitude search firmware doesn't off
>> me that package?  
>Is the non-free entry in "/etc/apt/sources.list" ?

I do

>tal% less /etc/apt/sources.list
>deb http://security.debian.org/ wheezy/updates main
>deb http://ftp.nz.debian.org/debian wheezy main contrib non-free

I've not that system up, but it's testing on that system and yes: main
contrib non-free. Except it's "au" not "nz". May not be as reliable?

>> If it breaks you get to keep both pieces. ---Linux in the early
>> years  
>I thought that was (and still is?) about sid/unstable, do you have a

The above was used often in the early years when I was learning about
Linux operating systems and using Mandrake, Red Hat and Slackware while
I was trying to discover what I liked best. 

Some years later migrated to Debian. Came in when Sarge was testing I
think. Might have heard it then also?

Another was: "Linux, there is worse, but it costs more."

Sorry, but there were no attributes with these, so I have no idea who
coined them. If I can find the author, as you will have seen, I declare

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