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Re: Email headers in the digest

On 05.06.2012 20:27, Curt Howland wrote:
> Dear Debian-User,
> Maybe I'm the only person getting the group though debian-user-digest,
> and maybe I'm the only one reading it in plain text, but has anyone
> else noticed the HUGE increase in the quantity of digests, which
> consist mostly of the expanded headers of every piece of mail?
> And no longer are the subjects of the included posts seen at the top
> of the digest, so I can't even tell what is supposed to be in it.
> It's gotten so difficult to read the email that I don't even know if
> this problem has been raised. And hope as I might that it was a
> temporary phenomenon, it has not ceased.
> If this is a known problem, I don't want to bug the list administrators with it.
> So like the VW van in the movie "Cars", "Please tell me I'm not the
> only one seeing this?"
> And, if you reply, please send a copy to me off-list as well, since
> otherwise I will likely miss it.
> Curt-

I think that this is known issue, which has been complained on this list
time to time.

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