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Email headers in the digest

Dear Debian-User,

Maybe I'm the only person getting the group though debian-user-digest,
and maybe I'm the only one reading it in plain text, but has anyone
else noticed the HUGE increase in the quantity of digests, which
consist mostly of the expanded headers of every piece of mail?

And no longer are the subjects of the included posts seen at the top
of the digest, so I can't even tell what is supposed to be in it.

It's gotten so difficult to read the email that I don't even know if
this problem has been raised. And hope as I might that it was a
temporary phenomenon, it has not ceased.

If this is a known problem, I don't want to bug the list administrators with it.

So like the VW van in the movie "Cars", "Please tell me I'm not the
only one seeing this?"

And, if you reply, please send a copy to me off-list as well, since
otherwise I will likely miss it.


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