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Re: alsa

2012/6/6 Weaver <weaver@riseup.net>

> 2012/6/5 john gennard <joney1930@btinternet.com>
>> **
>> Thank you very much. That cures the problem. I would not have been
>> able to work out that it was due to the motherboard having a non
>> supported chip.
>> I am most grateful to you for taking the time to sort things out.

I have almost exactly the same problem.
Alsa was working perfectly yesterday, through all mediums.
I get sound through Amarok, but nothing by way of a streamed video.

youtube? if so it could be a flashplugin related issue. There are several workarounds to face this kind of problem using alsa and get ridden of flashplugin (or whatever) not being "compliant" with it.

I actually use a loopback device approach... BTW http://alsa.opensrc.org/ is still down :-(
http://jackaudio.org/routing_alsa may help


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