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Re: wpa_supplicant.wlan1.pid

[QUOTE]Toshiba laptop with an Intel wireless adapter that I'm unable to get to

Is it dead or, maybe, it just needs some firmware to be installed.

On 05/06/2012, Charlie <ariestao@skymesh.com.au> wrote:
>  On Tue, 5 Jun 2012 15:41:57 +0000 (UTC) "Camaleón noelamac@gmail.com"
>  suggested this:
>>Okay, let's back to the warning message and the behaviour you get.
>>Some questions:
>>1/ Despite the warning on the PID, is the wireless connection still
>>available and working?
> Yes, it appears to pick it up on the second try as shown in the
> original post
>>2/ How did you setup the network, by manually editing the
>>"/etc/network/ interfaces" file or using an applet such N-M or WICD?
> Yes by manually editing the "/etc/network/ interfaces" file
>>3/ Do you have a pattern for the error? I mean, when are you getting
>>that message? It could be normal if you (or a daemon) restart (or
>>shutdown and then start) the network service or that wireless
>>interface (wlan1).
> I don't have access to the wireless service at the moment and won't
> again probably till Monday June 11.
> But it appears that the daemon can't find a fie and then tries again
> and makes the connection.
> It's just that I haven't had this happen previously and just wondered
> why it was happening? As you suggest, it might be quite normal. It's a
> Toshiba laptop with an Intel wireless adapter that I'm unable to get to
> work, so I plug in a wireless dongle that is recognised by the Debian
> Wheezy system.
> I would have tested it again yesterday, but due to floods couldn't get
> back into town where I volunteer at the local community centre. I
> connect the lappy into their wireless network.
> I just noted that change while connecting on last Monday, and wondered
> if it would cause problems in the future.
> Thank you for your time in this. But until I can get back into town I
> won't be able to see if it's been fixed since the last update.
> Thank you.
> Charlie
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