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Re: [OT] Re: the ghost of UEFI and Micr0$0ft

> This is not about "security" at all.  This is about MSFT marginalizing
> and eliminating a serious competitor.  It's MSFT's DNA.


I perfectly agree: this MS role and attitude is so deeply radicated
that, sadly, we're getting used to it, eventually forgetting its real
meaning in terms of freedom. Seemingly, the great fear of being put out
of the scenes makes people like Fedora's take steps that are dangerous
in terms of long term freedom preservation. They're "forgetting" the
main point, preferring this kind of short term compromise.

> Let them rot in their malware hell. It's about time someone in the
> tech industry took a stand. I did long ago.

Yeah. How could this be done, so that it can produce a real and
enduring effect? Does the foundation-like nature of open source allow
to move effectively against brute force corporate and marketing tricks?
The great power, at least from a quantitative point of view, is
theoretically represented by users: the choice in favor of a particular
product is made by users/consumers. Therefore, properly informing and
orienting users is seemingly going to be a vital, essential task.

On the other side, all hardware manufacturers should understand that
FOSS is the real deal, even if numbers seem not to say so.

Distributions could create, working together, a better and clearer way
to drive users toward preinstalled and preconfigured Linux hardware
sellers, maybe creating a quality label, something that is uniform and
recognizable; and a central web site with information linking together
supported hardware manufacturers and Linux distributions. Not everyone
is wanting to climb the entire Linux learning curve, so this would make
it easier for people to get a great, working Linux computer, making
things less confusing. This would perhaps urge non supported hardware
manufacturers to join the club and become more supporting. I would
gladly help with translations if such a project became reality.

All the best,

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