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Re: what did hwinfo do to my machine?

Camaleón wrote:
On Mon, 04 Jun 2012 12:15:01 -0400, Dan B. wrote:

Camaleón wrote:
On Mon, 04 Jun 2012 00:05:13 -0400, Dan B. wrote:

After I ran hwinfo (to detect a modem), my machine runs very slowly at
the beginning of booting.

(GRUB takes about 8 seconds between displaying the the "Welcome to
GRUB!" text and the "error: fd0 read error."


Well, that error can be relevant.
How?  It's not the *presence* of the message that has changed.

My crystal ball did not mention that the above error message was present before ;-)

Hey, don't blame me for your assuming (or misinterpreting my words to
mean) that the "error: fd0 read error." message was new.  I wrote
"_the_ ... error text", not something like "_an_ error,"  and, I
referred to the welcome text and the error message text with exactly
the same structure ("the ... text"):

I wrote:
> GRUB takes about 8 seconds between displaying the the "Welcome to
> GRUB!" text and the "error: fd0 read error." text ...

It's the *delay* between the "Welcome to GRUB!" message and that "error:
fd0 read error." message that has changed (to 8 or 9 seconds, from
something close to zero).

Yes, I know that behaviour; it's the same long delay I get in one of my testing virtual machines.

How long are the delays you usually see (from the welcome message to
any fd0 error message, from either the later of those to the screen's
blanking, and from then to the GRUB menu)?

Besides, that error message (presumably) simply means that GRUB didn't
successfully read from the floppy drive, which makes perfect sense since
there's no floppy in it.

Well, I can't tell what it means but given the nature of the message ("error") I would ensure anything is all right.

But what is there to check?  The message seems perfectly well explained:
At the level of reading from the floppy drive, there's read error
because there's no floppy in the drive; that floppy read error isn't
a problem at the GRUB level, because GRUB has been reporting that
floppy-read error and still booting at normal speed ever since I
installed, until this hwinfo "incident."


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