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Re: sl-modem-daemon forces off-hook all the time

On Sun, 03 Jun 2012 13:38:02 -0700, Paul Zimmerman wrote:

> Well, as soon as I solve one problem another one pops up.

Penguin lovers' life is hard but you get accustomed very quickly :-P
> Running Linux is like playing whack-a-mole. For some reason the
> sl-modem-daemon on my system has started forcing the phone line off-hook
> at all times. This means it will cause the
> phone line to shut down until you disconnect the phone wire
> to let the system reset. I don't recall changing anything about the
> sl-modem-daemon, or even the sound system. So why
> would it start doing that? Time to go hunting through more config
> files...

Mmm, you said the magic key: "off-hook". Googling around by that keyword 
there seem to be some docs and forums posts pointing to ALSA and this 
lead me to the "sl-modem-daemon" changelog file, which says:

Version 2.9.11
-Off-hook with mixer (ALSA mode)

And there's also a mention of this at the README file, I would take a 
look at it; maybe is that you now have define something at "/etc/default/
sl-modem-daemon" file t get this working.



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