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Re: what did hwinfo do to my machine?

Dan B. wrote:
After I ran hwinfo (to detect a modem), my machine runs very slowly at
the beginning of booting.

(GRUB takes about 8 seconds between displaying the the "Welcome to GRUB!"
text and the "error: fd0 read error." text, and another 25 seconds for
the screen to go blank on the way to displaying the menu.

Kernel booting might be slow for the first dozen or so messages; after
that, everything seems to be fine.)

What the heck did hwinfo do to my machine?

Perhaps a silly thought, but... did you install hwinfo just before running it, and if so, did you install any dependencies in the process? hwinfo requires some libraries that get pretty close to the hardware - perhaps a changed library is causing your problems

Miles Fidelman

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.
In practice, there is.   .... Yogi Berra

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