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Re: Random display freezes [was: Less responsive input...blind-typing]


Where is your /tmp mounted.

Please post "mount" output.

On Fri, Jun 01, 2012 at 09:11:42AM -0700, John Magolske wrote:
> * John Magolske <listmail@b79.net> [120525 17:13]:
> > For a while now I've been experiencing a strange behavior where there
> > are frequent and regular "freezes" when typing or issuing commands
> > in the shell. All of a sudden I'll find myself "blind-typing" for 3
> > seconds or so before a backlog of characters burst onto the screen.
> Ok, so I opened up htop to look up & kill off non-essential daemons,
> adjusted vm.dirty_ratio and vm.dirty_background_ratio [1], tried
> changing and tuning the IO scheduler [2] (switched from cfq to
> deadline) ... all to no avail, still these infernal 3-second freezes.

This makes things too complicated to resolve.  Keep as much in default
otherwise others will not know how things are on your end.

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