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Re: Computer case

On 6/1/2012 6:21 PM, Weaver wrote:

> In reference to vertically mounted boards, in any size case, I have yet to
> open a case to find cards drooping and melting all over the place and I've
> built a few systems.

It's a safe bet then that you've never owned a high end nVidia/ATI board
w/large/heavy factory cooling solution, and/or never used a high
performance aftermarket GPU cooler in a mini/mid/tower case.  I've had a
few such boards and coolers over the years, and every PCB has warped
under its own weight and/or that of a heavy aftermarket cooler.  I have
an Accelero S2 mounted to a short length GT240 and even its PCB has
warped due to the mass of the S2.  None of these boards has failed to
function due to the warping, but it'd still be nice if they didn't warp.
 Using a case with horizontal mainboard prevents this.

People with big vid cards/coolers who don't suffer this are those whose
vertical cases have front supports for expansion boards.  Such cases are
rare, and especially those with supports for less than full length
cards.  Those with liquid cooling systems and tubing arranged in the
right manner can get some anti-gravity support from the tubing.  Then
there are those who use zip ties or similar to support the front of
their big vid card.  None of these scenarios are the norm.

> Disassociation with connections in this orientation hasn't occurred either.

This is unclear.  What connections?

> I don't play 'catch' with my boxes.

You don't?  Hell I thought everyone did.  Damn, why didn't you tell me
this years ago?


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