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Re: Computer case

On 6/1/2012 9:02 AM, Christopher Judd wrote:

> Seriously, one could probably design a case for minimal vibration and good 
> airflow without all of the eye candy shown here.

Panel vibration induced by fans mounted to panels isn't the main noise
problem except in the very cheapest of cases.  It's high frequency
emission from CPU and case fans.  Adding acoustic damping foam to
interior panels will eliminate reflections by absorbing the high
frequencies.  Acoustic damping materials come in a variety of materials,
shapes, densities, and costs.  The most cost effective is the oldest,
egg crate open cell foam.  It's the best and cheapest performer in PC cases.

For example:

Spray adhesive for installing the foam panels:

You can easily cut the stuff to size with scissors or a box cutter.  It
crushes down to zero thickness, so you can stuff it in every crack/crevice.


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