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Re: Computer case

On Friday 01 June 2012 06:52:21 Mark Neidorff wrote:

> Hello,


> Choosing a computer case is a design decision.  First, thing, choose what

> is  most important for you.  Here are some suggestions (in no particular

> order):


> Style of case

> Air flow

> noise

> physical size of case

> color

> type of power supply accommodated

> placement of switches

> drive bays (number, type and placement)

> size and type of motherboard/cpu/cooler accommodated

> size and type of video and cooler (if needed) accommodated


> The great case could be anything from an Altoids tin for a RaspberryPi

> (well,  it won't quite work without some mods, but this is a theoretical

> discussion anyway) to some of the large cases mentioned in some of the

> responses.  They all will work with Debian.


> Mark


Or you could roll your own:




Seriously, one could probably design a case for minimal vibration and good airflow without all of the eye candy shown here.





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