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[OT] Re: Computer case

On Fri, 01 Jun 2012 07:03:15 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

> any recommendation for a computer case that can be used with Debian
> stable ;)?

AFAIK, computer cases are non-OS dependant >:-)

> Ok, it's slightly OT, I'm sorry for that. 

No prob, already tagged as such.

> However, experiences with cases regarding to noise (and heat), accuracy
> of fit for cards are interesting for me, others might be interested in
> space (and vertical stability).

Micro, mini, mid, full-tower size?

If space is not a concern, I like having plenty of room for adding extra 
devices in the future. Larger cases also allow better refrigeration for 
the components and you can add extra fans. For this kind of enclosures I 
like Chieftec, they make good cases (at the office we have the Bravo BX 
series for workstations, also with Chieftec silent power supplies).



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