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Re: [OT] Re: Computer case

Hi Camaleón,

the cases I own are around 14" high. I could place any case <= 26" high.
I like the relatively unobtrusive design of CHIEFTEC, but I don't trust
the sidewall catch.
Since better cases seems to be expensive, I'm googleing for 19" wide
cases at the moment. Most of my music gear is 19" too. I placed the gear
on shelfs, but I tend to switch to a 19" cabinet, to get rid of the wide
and lengthy shelfs. A tower could be > 26" high, if I would get rid of
the shelfs.
The only issue, a 19" or a new tower computer case + a 19" cabinet is
above my financial scope.

If a huge case is nearly empty, doesn't it tend to be an acoustic


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