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how to update Debian OS properly

well, I have questions about upgrading Linux. since i have been using
Microsoft for years the concept of upgrade I think is different from
Linux upgrade.

in a testing environment I was trying to upgrade the security patches
and I run the command
apt-get upgrade.
It ran fine, but at the end it upgraded my whole OS, first my test
machine was showing Debian version 6.0.4 now after the upgrade it
shifted to Wheezy/SID which I think is unstable.

In Microsoft when we upgrade  the OS. it downloads only the security
and OS patches.

So the question are

1. how to upgrade only the security patches?
2. if the upgrade patch trigger any critical issue. Like any service
like hosting, filesharing or squid got effected by the update, how
come we know which patch cause this problem and how to remove that
specific patch because in Microsoft I have seen that security patches
and OS patches some time make problems when run along with ongoing

3. how to revert back to old OS, for example, in my case i upgraded my
system from 6.0.4 to Wheezy/SID now want to revert things back.


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