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Re: LSI MegaRAID SAS 9240-4i hangs system at boot

On 5/18/2012 4:55 PM, Ramon Hofer wrote:

> I installed squeeze amd64 yesterday on a raid1 (just to try). 

You need to explain this in detail:  "installed on raid1"

Installed onto what raid1?  Does this mean you created an mdadm raid1
pair during the Squeeze installation process, and installed to that?  To
what SAS/SATA controller are these two disks attached?  Please provide
as much detail as possible about this controller chip and if it is on
the motherboard.  If so, please provide the motherboard brand/model.

> Today when 
> the card was here I put it in and couldn't boot. 

Please be technical in your descriptions and provide as much detail as
possible.  The above statement sounds like something from a person who
has never touched a PC before.  Providing detail is what solves
problems.  Lack of detail is what causes problems to linger on until
people take hammers to hardware.  I assume you prefer the former. :)

> Then I installed squeeze 
> with the card present without problems but booting afterwards didn't work 
> again.

Detail, detail detail!  To what did you install Squeeze?  Which disks,
attached to which controller?  We *NEED* these details to assist you.

> Without the card installed bpo amd64 kernel but couldn't boot again.

If you installed to disks attached to the expander/9240 and then yanked
the card, of course it wouldn't boot.  Again, this is why we need
*details*.  ALWAYS supply the details!

> Without the LSI card there are no problems (except the over-current 
> message which is also present with only the mb and a disk).
> Installation works ok with and without card.

Ok, so the USB over-current error has nothing to do with the hang during

>>> Nevertheless I think the module for the card should be loaded but then
>>> it somehow hangs.

Only full dmesg output will tell us this.

> Ok. But I have no clue either how to find this out.
> Maybe you could point into the right direction :-)

Again, do not flash the HBA firmware at this point.  Provide the details
I requested and we'll move forward from there.  It may very well be that
the RAID firmware is causing the boot problem and you need the straight
JBOD firmware, but lets get all the other details first so we can
determine that instead of making wild guesses.

BTW, did you disable all "boot" related options in the 9240 BIOS and
force it to JBOD mode?  Did you read the instructions in their entirety
before mounting the HBA into the machine?  This isn't a $20 SATA card
you simply slap in and go.  It's an SAS RAID controller.  More
care/learning is required.


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