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Questions about Netatalk running on Debian server

I have a long and troubled relation to Netatalk.  I live in a family
where everyone else loves the Mac, and I have a need to communicate
with them. I once had netatalk running on Debian back in 2004, I
think, but lost that ability about the time my daughter bought her
first MacBook in 2006. I'm revisiting the problem now using an i386
box running Wheezy.

I've installed netatalk from a Debian repository and started looking
at /usr/share/doc/netatalk and the looking for a man page. The
.../doc/netatalk files all date from 2010 or earlier, which is well
before the version of netatalk in Wheezy was released. There is not
'man netatalk', but there is a 'man netatalk.conf', and that page
begins with:

       /etc/netatalk/netatalk.conf "

But no such file was installed by the netatalk package, and I can find
no mention of netatalk.conf at .../doc/netatalk/

According to Aptitude, the version of netatalk that I installed
is 2.2.2-1. From searching the web, I pick up statements that
things do work in it that never worked before. But I can't see
anything different in the documentation. I remember that, when I
did have it working long ago, I didn't have to do anything in
order to have it advertise its services and to have it actually
serve files. My problems then were with serving a printer. Now I
use CUPS for that. But I don't see my Macs picking up an advert.
(They do pickup adverts from one of the Macs, so I know that they
are listening.)

So, my questions:

Does anyone have netatalk 2.2.2-1 working under Wheezy?  Can you point
me to some debugging instructions?  Or, can you lead me through some
tests to discover what is going wrong?

Please help.
Paul E Condon           

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