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Re: PS/2 Keyboard and Mice not working (USB is) on X

On Mon, 2012-04-30 at 14:24 +0100, Lisi wrote:
> On Monday 30 April 2012 12:17:50 Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> > I don't waste time with the mouse, I need the time to set up much more
> > important things.
> >
> > IMO Linux is the best choice for my needs, but it cause a lot of
> > problems regarding to basics like the graphics and other hardware, e.g.
> > a simple old faithful mouse.
> >
> > - Ralf
> You seem to be continuing to discount completely the possibility that the 
> mouse is faulty.  This is especially likely if it is old.
> You really have no evidence at all, so far as I can see, for the FUD about 
> Debian that you were disseminating.
> Lisi

The mouse does work with old Debian and other Linuxes. Please let us
stop talking about my mouse. I guess the OP will get his mouse working.


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