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Re: Anyway of keeping gnome2 while upgrading from Squeeze to Wheezy

On Sat, 28 Apr 2012 20:47:25 +0100, Ellwood Blues wrote:

>> So thanks but no, I will be be loyal to GNOME until they decide to take
>> a radical path I can't deal with (like it happened when I moved from
>> KDE 3 to GNOME 2 because of the poor state of KDE 4.0).
> So you will be loyal but Gnome won't?

No, I did not say -by no means- that. Maybe you missed the "until" and 
the rest of the argument. 

When I feel that GNOME has completely lost the north and prevents me from 
having a deskotp like I want (which is still not the case, and MATE is a 
perfect proof that demonstrates it) then -and only then- I will 
reconsider my desktop election (again).

In this life, when you choose something (it can be a linux distribution, 
a desktop environment or even a friendship...) you do it by evaluating 
the pros and cons and you have to find a "fine rate deal" between what 
the defaults provides and if that's enough for you. To my eyes, for a 
desktop environment that translates into "is GNOME still flexible so that 
I can configure it as I want it?". My response to that is "yes" (at least 
for now, because nobody can guarantee the same will remain in a future), 
the new gnome-shell paradigm is still flexible enough to let me customize 
things like I want. Period.

> I think that that mentality will kill linux.

"Loyalty" is a killer? I'd say in today's world is something sadly scarce 
but of a great value.
> As Jono Bacon said recently «Canonical used to be a project but now is a
> product.»

And I beg to differ. Canonical has been always a "company" (nor a project 
nor a product). Ubuntu, by the way, is a project.

> I am sorry but I prefer on linux the project mentality. Products are
> Windows and Apple and Android and Unity, etc.
> Happy that Debian is still there.

I don't see any relation behind that reasoning. GNOME is GNOME (a FLOSS 
project) and Debian is Debian (a FLOSS project), they both can share 
things and they can concur in some aspects... or not. But redaless, the 
final decision on what to use and how to use it is always on the user's 



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