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Re: changing window managers in debian 6.0.4

Thanks Rob, Wayne, and Indulekha for your help (and thanks
again Johan and Camaleón for your earlier help).

Rob, thanks for pointing out where the window manager
selection was on the screen (in my case, at the bottom,
and as you said, only visible after the user account is

That actually worked and i'm using wmaker (WindowMaker)

Wayne --- i thought that i would have to dump gnome
as you indicated.  Maybe i've done it partially?  I only have a very
hazy feel for what is running or not---some components
of the gnome system are running though, according to
   ps aux | grep gnome

(gdm-simple-slave, polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1, gnome-terminal,
and gnome-pty-helper).

Indulekha --- if you would care to answer --- what is the software that
wmaker does not interact well with?

I'm a complete neophyte here (new to debian and new to wmaker) so
would appreciate any information about it.  (The reason i'm trying out
wmaker is that i think it should be most compatible with gnustep,
but that's another long story.)

Thanks again everybody for all the info and suggestions.


On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 3:58 PM, Indulekha <indulekha@theunworthy.com> wrote:
> Dan Hitt <dan.hitt@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks in advance for any other advice anybody may have.
>> (Is anybody actually using WindowMaker on this list?  Maybe
>> my problem is i'm posting to the wrong list?  :)  But thanks
>> everybody for your help because you certainly are very helpful!)
> I was using wmaker until maybe two years ago, but it seems to have
> fallen behind to the point it just doesn't play well with a lot
> of modern software anymore.
> Now I use fvwm, but frankly configuration is not for the impatient
> or the faint of heart. Openbox is nearly as powerful as fvwm, and
> is a lot easier to configure, though it's too late for me --
> I'm now hopelessly addicted to the power and flexibility of fvwm.
> Then again I'm one of those weirdos who actually *enjoys* staying
> up all night reading man and info pages. :) There used to be a couple
> of preconfigured versions of fvwm, one called "95" (hideous win95-
> like config), and one called "crystal" (too bloaty and overwrought
> for me last I tried it). Not sure if those are even still around
> though...
> Openbox just uses an xml config file, so it's actually quite
> simple to configure once you find a good example or two. Could be
> better documented, but all settings are somewhat discoverable
> (the obconf gui doesn't even begin to cover what you can achieve).
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>  Indulekha
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