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Evolution and POP3 problem: want to delete from server when moved from Inbox

  This is essentially a duplicate of a posting to the Evolution mailiing
  list an hour or two ago.  After posting there, I saw that they
  considered the Squeeze version of Evolution obsolete and recommended
  asking on one's distro mailing list.
I'm a new Evolution user (version 2.30.3) on Debian Squeeze, having
moved from Icedove because it had problems downloading large POP3
messages a few times, and Evolution handled them fine.  So far,
Evolution is working okay, except I have two problems:

1.  I set up Evolution and imported my Icedove folders, and then I
    downloaded email for the first time in Evolution.  That gave me
    duplicates of everything.  Is there a command or plugin to eliminate
    duplicates, as there was on Thunderbird/Icedove, or do I have to do
    that manually?

2.  My second issue is much more important to me.  I leave emails on the
    server for various reasons.  When I do move some messages from the
    inbox to other folders or I delete messages from the inbox, I want
    Evolution to remove them from the server, but I can't figure out how
    to do that (it seemed easy on Thunderbird / Icedove).  How does one
    do this?

Any tips?  I've searched and found a few tantalizing hints that there
might be a solution, but I haven't found the solutions.

I can do the first (removing duplicates) manually, although I'd rather
not (I have a number of emails to sort through, in that case).

I'm open to a number of options on the second:

- If Evolution has the capability built in and I haven't found it,
  advice on how to do it would be great.

- If a newer version of Evolution has it and it's buildable on Squeeze,
  let me know.  I thought I saw that described somewhere, but I can't
  find instructions in the current documentation describing how to set
  it up.

- If people use dovecot or something similar to get email instead of
  Evolution's built-in POP3 software, and if dovecot or similar can
  manage the communications required to do this, can you point me to a
  howto or other documentation?  I've not used dovecot

If none of those work, how do you manage this?  Do you delete or move
emails in Evolution and then also log into webmail and delete the same
messages?  That sounds tedious, and I'd rather not do that.

I've asked a few colleagues, and a common response is to use IMAP.
AFAICT, these servers do not support IMAP.  Besides, at some time, I'd
like to have the emails on my own disk, and my past experience suggests
that's not as easy with IMAP as it is with other approaches.



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