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Nvidia module makes system unstable

Hello All,

I recently made the switch from Kubuntu 11.10 to Debain stable.
Everything was running very well until I installed the Nvidia module
"the Debian way".  Then, the system became highly unstable. I noticed
that the system would become very sluggish during simple tasks The
most repeatable example of this is the slow rate at which the
background fades when calling gksu. Additionally, there is a visible
lag in the redrawing of windows when applications are minimized or
restored. interestingly, video from YouTube seemed to be fluid.

The situation was annoying, but not unbearable, until the entire
system began to freeze. It seems that this may be related in some way
to bug #664261. My situation differs in that I used the version from
backports (280.13.really.275.36-1) in order to achieve compatibility
with my GeForce GTX 560 Ti FPB (Fermi) GPU, it's worth noting that it
did not experience any stability issues with the Ubuntu distribution
of the Nvidia module 280.13 when I used Kubuntu 11.10.

What should I do at this point? I'm tempted use the Nvidia installer,
but I'm concerned that it might unnecessarily dirty my system. Is it
possible to cleanly switch from the Nvidia installer to the Debian

I'm also not sure whether I should report this as a separate bug, or
as an addition to the one mentioned above. Any thoughts would be

Thanks in advance,

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