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Re: [OT] Posting styles (was: printer Kyocera FSC-5100DN)

15.04.2012 00:53, Camaleón kirjoitti:
> P.S. I find quite hard to understand why there are users who despite 
> consider my postings to be sort a "newbie killers" and "soft-mind 
> perverters" are still replying to them. The only conclusion I can reach 
> for this behaviour is that: 1/ my posts contain some kind of magnetic 
> material that inevitably attracts them (though I haven't have found any 
> trace of ferrite in the headers) or 2/ is just they want to make noise. I 
> will have to deeply think in which of the both options hold the true. 
> Mmmm...
> Greetings,

In my opinion it's good that you care answer to posts and try to help. I
am not seeing any reasons why your posts would be "newbie killers".
Everyone can make mistakes sometimes.

PS. I didn't see anything weird with your headers either ;).

Mika Suomalainen
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