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Re: [OT] Posting styles (was: printer Kyocera FSC-5100DN)

On Thu, 12 Apr 2012 00:18:28 +0300, Andrei POPESCU wrote:

> On Mi, 11 apr 12, 17:03:41, Camaleón wrote:
>> «In the "bottom-posting" style, the reply is appended to a full or
>> partial copy of the original message. The name bottom-posting is
>> sometimes used for inline-style replies, and indeed the two formats are
>> the same when only one point is being replied to.»
>           ^^^^^^
>> There's little room for interpretations in the above paragraphs but as
>> you seem to disagree with that, I'd like to know what's what you
>> read/get from there, just out of curiosity.
> ... which implies there are cases when they are not "the same" :)

IIRC, I said that both styles (and citing me) "share 99% of their 
features", "are the same in esence" and "both are almost the same" but I 
Did not recall myself saying they are "equal" or "1:1" :-)

You (not "you" but people) can indeed make more divisions for the posting 
styles, e.g., I've received business related e-mails where the full 
replied e-mail was attached to the message and AFAIK, this is not covered 
by none of the main posting styles listed in the Wikipedia article. 
Still, I would consider such communication uses a top-posting-alike style 
because in the end you are prioritizing your own reply instead making the 
content legible for anyone else.



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