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Re: Re: Bonded network: "No route to host" between slaves

On Lu, 09 apr 12, 15:52:30, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Learning is good!  I am fully supportive of gaining experience with
> different configurations.
> In this case a configuration which might be more generally useful
> would be a router configuration.  Instead of bridging (or bonding)
> different network cards together something which I often need to do is
> to set up a route between them.  (Windows calls this Internet
> Sharing.)  If you were trying different configurations for the
> purposes of learning then I would definitely queue up a router
> configuration.

> My favorite helper for this is Shorewall.  It builds the iptables
> rules from simpler rules.  I like it.  Others like other tools.  Still
> others like writing everything in small detail themselves.  For
> something that I think is useful to work through I would look through
> this documentation and work through the examples there.
>   http://www.shorewall.net/two-interface.htm


For extra points use the bridge interface for the "lan" side :)

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