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Re: Free as in speech hardware ebook reader

On 06/04/12 05:57 PM, Walter Hurry wrote:
On Sat, 07 Apr 2012 00:12:45 +0300, Panayiotis Karabassis wrote:


Having a bad track record of not taking care of "dead tree" books, I am
looking to buy an electronic book reader.

The Amazon's Kindle does look good and it boasts a Linux kernel, but I
am very disappointed at the many restrictions they want to place on me:
automatic installation of firmware, limitations to its use, access to my
data, and ads! To mention a few.

I know it's possible to circumvent these restrictions, but what I am
looking for is a hardware reader that is designed to respect my
freedoms. Preferably one that runs a GNU/Linux system, and which I am
allowed to tinker with. It does not have to work out of the box, and I
am prepared to invest time in it and deal with bugs, as I would with a
regular computer, provided it has a community around it to support it,
as Linux distros do.

Any suggestions?




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