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Re: how to increase space for tmpfs /tmp (tmp cleaning)

On 07/04/12 09:14, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> Bob Proulx wrote:
>> but, but, but I was told Big Data is the Big Thing....
> I know you are just teasing

With teeth bared. Cloud is good for a number of things. Cloud is not
good for most of the things it's being used and promoted for.

> but on a serious note I am really hoping
> good things come from the Freedom Box project.  

Likewise. Though I suspect you greatly understate the need. There's a
lot of money and power to be gained from selling the promise of gold in
all that data.
Apropos of little - the parts of the brain that are related to self
interest and enlightened self interest don't seem to be able to function

> It addresses the
> problems with the current implementations of cloud computing.  People
> should be able to keep control of their data and software.  It will be
> good to improve things to the point that people will be able to very
> easily deploy their own cloud server and immediately make use of it
> like they would if they were using one of the existing cloud servers.

Not going to be easy. Many make a deep emotional investment in their
bondage. Ask them to question that investment and you can expect

I run sheep. And I spend a lot of time staring out the office window
looking at them - especially when pondering the stupidity of humans
(myself amongst them). Having bred only the most tractable ones for
millennia it shouldn't surprise me that they frequently do things that
are not, ultimately, in their own best interests.

>>> If I didn't scare everyone just a little bit with this then I didn't
>>> write it well enough.  There isn't any way to win on this issue.
>> [innocent look] So, which one is best? ;-p
> Oh...  You are ssooo evil.  :-)

[cue Windows 98 theme music]
Who me?
One of my mates decommissioned a truck load of old 303 rounds (no longer
used by the ADF). In a effort to reduce government spending I offered to
safely dispose of them.
Being a holy day today, we got up early and greeted the dawn with pink
puffs of bunny. Then we distributed chocolate eggs and rabbits to the kids.
And you think I'm evil?

> Bob
> P.S.
>> Just a wild guess... you've been ice-camping recently. ;-p
> :-) No, I haven't been snowcaving.  I am bummed.  Not much snow up in
> the high country this season.  It has been very dry.  It is going to
> be a thirsty next year if things keep getting warmer as it has been.

Not much snow anywhere - just ice.
Instead of our usual 40 degrees celsius Canberra summers we've had
frosts. Several times this summer I've been able to see white on the
peaks to the south - and we're expecting a warm winter.

Kind regards

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