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Re: Make fully encrypted disk without LVM during install

Hi Jon,

> Far worse: I have a 1TB external drive with a DOS partition table, one
> partition formatted for LVM, with an LVM logical volume on top which is
> part of an md RAID set, inside the RAID device is another LVM PV for a
> different volume group. Your point is correct: it is far from
> user-friendly ☺

Ah, another fellow sufferer!

To us it is a problem we can overcome, but I'd like to present my customer 
something that'll be easier to do.
> What environment is available in the system that might need to interpret
> the device? My GNOME desktop can mount LUKS/dm-crypt devices graphically,
> via nautilus (I think using udisks[1] as the back-end but I can't see the
> package dependency relationship)
> [1] http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/udisks

Thanks. I hand't seen this, yet. 

The DE where the disk will be mounted is pure KDE. At the moment version 
4.6.3, but they expect to migrite to 4.8 in a couple of weeks.

> If you are using the entire disk and don't anticipate needing to shuffle
> things then there's no point indeed.

That's the case.

Thanks for helping!

Grx HdV

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