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Re: Freeze on wake

On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 22:55:00 +1200, Aidan Gauland wrote:

> After returning my 1015BX and getting a 1015B Eee PC, I have a hardware
> compatibility problem (at least I think it's a hardware problem):
> sometimes on wakeup from sleep, the system freezes and can only be reset
> by removing the battery; holding the power button shuts it off, but it
> comes back frozen instead of cold booting when I press it again.


Being an EEEPC, I would also post into their mailing list:


Debugging resuming can be tricky and hard, it can be almost anything 
(BIOS, kernel version, a faulty/conflicting driver...). I'd start by 
reviewing the logs ("/var/log/pm-suspend.log") just in the event there is 
something of usefulness.



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