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Re: [OT] Posting styles -- Top vs Bottom

On 31/03/12 16:40, PMA wrote:
Seems to me the important thing is for a given
list to adopt one or the other style as standard
*for the list*.

Take a vote, asking, "Which is more important:
seeing the current message immediately (Top),
or keeping the flow in one-direction (Bottom)?"

Who needs a vote? The issue was settled many years ago.

Before you started posting here, the polite thing to do would have been to read the list guidelines, and apply them. Seeing as you appear too intellectually challenged to find them for yourself, here is the link:


Under the heading "Posting Rules, Guidelines, and Tips" you'll see the entry: "Respond in Interleaved style. Unnecessary quotes should be trimmed and a question should precede an answer."

Isn't that adequately clear? It isn't a question of individual preferences, or your religious leanings, it's a list rule, to be obeyed by all correspondents, which exists for the elucication of all.

To quote:
"Why all these rules? Busy people spend valuable time monitoring lists and responding to questions. The recommended practices make these activities more efficient and pleasant."

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