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Re: [OT] Posting styles -- Top vs Bottom

I've seen passionate debate on this issue, based
mainly on disrupted expectation (as the Bottom
guy opens the Top guy's email).

Seems to me the important thing is for a given
list to adopt one or the other style as standard
*for the list*.

Take a vote, asking, "Which is more important:
seeing the current message immediately (Top),
or keeping the flow in one-direction (Bottom)?"


P.S.  ...unless, of course, a resolution would be
        less fun than the debate.

Claudius Hubig wrote:
Hello Mika,

Mika Suomalainen<mika.henrik.mainio@hotmail.com>  wrote:
On 31.03.2012 12:04, Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:
Especially when inline responding (bottom) and your loosy style is
I already changed to bottom posting in Iceweasel and K9 mail.

Thanks. Though one should also take the time to trim the previous
mail to the parts one actually responds to.

But isn't posting HTML also forbidden?

Yes, although it is less of a problem for (most!) people, as their
clients either display the text-only or the HTML version, so adding
an HTML version ‘only’ increases the size of the email (by about
150%). Bad quoting styles, however, are always visible.

Did I mention that asking for a return receipt for a mailing list post
is kind of…strange? That is, do you really want all>30k subscribed
users to acknowledge the receipt of your post?

Best regards,


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