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Re: Upgrade to wheezy possible?

I tried online to update to wheezy but was foiled by [a] my /usr
getting down to 7.5mbs and causing seg faults, and [b] falling foul of
a known bug thats in the bug tracking system (I forget which one atm),
so was unable to install wheezy. But as my system was part squeeze and
part wheezy it was unbootable, so I reloaded squeeze.

I'm now downloadng the weekly build of wheezy and will have a go at
installing that. I did download the net installer but didnt feel
confident at installing that so opted for the weekly build. We'll see
how it goes from there.

Thanks to all

On 30/03/2012, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> Sharon Kimble wrote:
>> Is it possible to upgrade to wheezy from squeeze with only 670.9mb
>> available in my /usr partition please? Or do I need to repartition and
>> reinstall squeeze and then upgrade to wheezy?
> If I were in that mode I would consider removing everything that
> wasn't absolutely required from the system.  Then after the system is
> made small do the upgrade.  Once trimmed down to a very small system
> it should be possible to upgrade.  Then after upgrading install the
> packages that are desired.  In particular I would remove any X
> graphical desktop environments since those tend to be very large.
> Bob

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