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Re: 2nd try: reboot hangs

Bob Proulx wrote:
Miles Fidelman wrote:
... since "shutdown" works fine, reboot is the issue
I recently had a very similar problem on a new Intel Atom
motherboard.  An update of the BIOS fixed it.  Reboot issues were
listed in the changes for that particular model.  Perhaps that is also
the problem that you are having?

Not sure I want to go to the hassle (and risk) of flashing a new motherboard ROM - it's not like I can't reboot this machine by doing a shutdown (which works) and then hitting the power button. If it were one of my production servers, sitting in a remote data center, that would be one thing, but this is just a sandbox for playing with new tools, and it sits under my desk.

It's more that this has become an itch that I really want to scratch. It all worked just fine with previous releases of Debian (Lenny, 32 bit), and Xen. With Sarge, a 64bit kernel, and the latest Xen package, it doesn't -- and the "reboot=bios" command line option (which is what was working previously, suggesting that the bios reboot code works just fine) is documented as applying only to the x86 kernel.

So... it kind of bugs me... somewhere, at the very last step of the reboot process, after everything has been shut down, and either the kernel, or the xen hypervisor sends "restarting now" to the console, either: - something hangs just before issuing the jump to machine instruction that starts the reboot process, or, - or the instruction executed to kick off rebooting isn't one that works on my machine, or,
- the startup code isn't really there, or,
- the startup code doesn't work on my particular machine (i.e., the wrong code is set up).

I kind of want to isolate this down to the specific cause. Again, more our of sheer stubbornness at this point.

Any suggestions on:
- very low level configuration items to fiddle with,
- adding even more detailed logging to the very low level code,
- or kicking into single step or debug mode down at the very low level,
- or something else?



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