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Re: 2nd try: reboot hangs

Scott Ferguson<scott.ferguson.debian.user@gmail.com  <mailto:scott.ferguson.debian.user%40gmail.com>>  wrote

On 28/03/12 12:24, Miles Fidelman wrote:

>  I have an old tower machine - a homebrew that I use as a sandbox.  Just
>  loaded it up with a copy of squeeze, and a xen installation - works
>  fine, but...
>  - shutdown -h works just fine
>  - reboot goes down, gives the console message "restarting system", then
>  hangs
>  On an earlier installation (Lenny, x86 install) adding "reboot=bios"
>  solved the problem.  This time around - 64bit image (amd64), squeeze,
>  none of the reboot=[....] parameters seem to make a difference.  (I note
>  that the Debian installer documentation indicates that reboot=bios only
>  works with x86).
>  Any suggestions?  Any configuration things I should try to uncover that
>  might help find a solution (I don't have paperwork on the box, anymore -
>  so it's going to be a matter of running various probes to figure out
>  what's on the motherboard and such - suggested commands welcome.)

I suspect you've already thought of this but... could it be an ACPI
problem? I use a number of older machines for development - some require
acpi=force to shutdown properly or they just hang at the last stage of halt.

didn't help, actually didn't expect it to, since "shutdown" works fine, reboot is the issue

but... just discovered a new symptom... SOMETIMES reboot works
(with reboot=force on the command line) - if I try reboot right after the system has come up,
then it hangs at the final step before it should restart, but if I wait a while, then the
system will sometimes reboot rather than hanging -- seems like something is interfering at a
very low level

come to think of it... maybe something funny is happening in the hypervisor (xen), ... hmmm

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