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Re: upgrade to Wheezy fails with aptitude

On Mon, 26 Mar 2012, Osamu Aoki wrote:

So your experience is that apt-get is better for such case :-)

   cf below

The release note "4.4.6. Upgrading the system" has:
The upgrade process for other releases recommended the use of aptitude
for the upgrade. This tool is not recommended for upgrades from lenny to

  In a perfect world, this information would be enough to know what to do.
  Alas, it is not, and the documentation found at different (official) places is
  not always consistent. In the debian faq, I read:

     Note that apt-get now installs recommended packages as default and is
     the preferred program for package management from console to perform
     system installation and major system upgrades for its robustness.

     aptitude is recommended for daily package management from console.


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