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Re: apt-get will upgrade aptitude will not

On 21/03/12 07:08, Chris Bannister wrote:
Remember, Aptitude's "resolver system" is different to apt-get's

I think the problem is not the the resolver (apt-get and aptitude should get dependences about the same if not problem found, and therefore "aptitude full-upgrade" should do the same as "apt-get dist-upgrade" thats it, bring all packages up to date following the pinning system and install and remove packaged when needed.

Im not sure (nor im sure how to check it if thats the case) but I think it may have to do with the database of how packages where installed. If you install some packages with aptitude and others with apt-get and then remove a third one with aptitude again, MAYBE the auto and manual installation flag in some packages goes crazy as they are handled in separate db (AAFAIK)

my 2 cents...


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