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Re: apt-get will upgrade aptitude will not

> On Mon, 19 Mar 2012 09:58:12 +0000, Bonno Bloksma wrote:
>> Version: 5.1.49-3
>> Priority: optional
>> Section: database
>> [....]

Is this a squeeze system? -Then you should make sure you have
security.debian.org in your sources.list. The current version from s.d.o
is 5.1.61-0+squeeze1.

You may want to post the output of 'apt-cache policy'.

>> However, now apt-get wants to install an update but aptitude will not.

aptitude why-not mysql-common

> Did you first update the packages database?
> apt-get update
> aptitude update

apt-get and aptitude both use the same package database. Running the
'udpate' for both of them is not required.

What's still separated, AFAIK, is the 'hold' mechanism. Bonno, you could
try 'aptitude unhold mysql-common' and see whether aptitude wants to
upgrade now.

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