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Re: LSPCI shows network card, but the card refuses to come up

Camaleón wrote:
> Bijoy Lobo wrote:
> > I have 2 cards on my system. I had no errors while Expert Install of
> > Debian netinstall. even lspci shows me 2 ethernet controllers, However I
> > cannot bring the 2nd interface up.
> Show us the output of these two commands:
> lspci -v | grep -i ether

Ahem...  'lspci | grep -i eth' is good but 'lspci -v' is paragraph
formatted and so finding that with grep is more trouble.  You need a
"paragraph grep" of which there are many different programs and
techniques.  Perl is always available these days so perhaps using perl
is easiest.

  lspci -v | perl -00 -ne 'm/eth/i && print'

The extra -v information isn't usually useful though.  YMMV.

> dmesg | grep -i eth
> > ifconfig eth1 tells me no such interface ifconfig -a show me only eth0
> > and lo
> Also, show us the content of your "/etc/network/interfaces" file.

Please also show us the output of

  ip addr show

and also

  cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules


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