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Re: Need help recovering lvm volume group

Dennis Wicks:
> I can't figure out what exactly happened, but here is the result.


> I had an lvm volume consisting of a complete 250GB disk and about
> 75GB partition on another disk.

You mean you had two Physical Volumes in one Volume Group and one
Logical Volume in that group, spanning both PVs?

Please show the output of pvs, lvs and vgs.

> Now LVM won't access either one of
> them and when I try any sort of lv command I get a message that
> "Incorrect metadata area header checksum"
> and "No volume groups found".

What do pvscan and 'vgchange -ay' tell you?

> I have failed to find anything relating to lvm that is of any help.
> Is there any way that I can get access to these two areas so I can
> get to my data off of them??

The problem with your setup is that you can only access the data when
both disks are available. I suspect one of them has some sort of problem
and you may need to, *cough*, restore from backup.

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